Biodiversity and climate change are linked: climate change threatens Ontario’s biodiversity, while biodiversity improves Ontario’s resilience and adaptability to a changing climate. In order to protect and preserve our existing biodiversity while encouraging sustainable production and growth, we need to find ways to encourage meaningful action in varying contexts.

There are, significant challenges to communicating these complex and connected topics, including  varying beliefs about the cause and severity of climate change; the complexity of the topics; perceived social, temporal, or geographical distance from the effects of climate change; and a disconnect between awareness of the issues and driving audiences to actually act on them.

In this report we’ve completed a jurisdictional review of existing communications from a number of sources, across a range of media, and designed for varied audiences, which enables us to map out common approaches to communicating about these issues and identify complementary scales, subjects, values and perspectives.  You can review the report by clicking the following link:  Biodiversity&ClimateChange.pdf