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Posted on 11/30/2016

The Biodiversity Education and Awareness Network’s message is clear.  Biodiversity makes up Ontario’s natural life support system:  Biodiversity is how humans – and 14 million other species – survive.  We can all work to protect human health, support the economy, and preserve natural landscapes.  BEAN connects scientists and governments with teachers, parents and students to […]

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2015 Ontario Biodiversity Summit promotional card


Posted on 04/17/2016

The 2015 Ontario Biodiversity Summit took place in Niagara Falls, Ontario in May 2015.  It connected people from across the province and around the world to talk about, celebrate and take action to protect biodiversity.

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Are you treading lightly on our planet? How many planets would we need if everybody lived like you? The Ontario Biodiversity Council and the Global Footprint Network have developed an online calculator to help Ontario residents see how their own habits impact our planet’s resources. Go to the Global Footprint Network Calculator and choose Ontario […]

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Big Biodiversity Questions

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One of the goals of the Ontario Biodiversity Strategy is to improve knowledge. So what are Ontario’s big biodiversity questions? These are science and research questions that if answered, could guide future policies and have a huge impact on conservation efforts. The process to determine these questions kicked off in spring 2015 and the final […]

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Ontario Children's Outdoor Charter

Ontario Children’s Outdoor Charter

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The Ontario Children’s Outdoor Charter aims to get children outside to discover the wonders of nature. Research shows that kids who spend regular time outside are happier and healthier. Kids connected to nature grow up caring for the Earth and helping to conserve biodiversity. You can promote the charter in your community and help improve […]

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