Enhance Resilience, Improve Knowledge, Reduce Threats.

The diversity of life is our best defence in a world with a rapidly changing climate.

The results of the State of Ontario’s Biodiversity 2015 report showed that progress is being made to conserve biodiversity, but, that more needs to be done – especially to enhance resilience of our ecosystems.  Council’s new Strategic Agenda will guide conservation actions until 2020, focusing on areas where more progress needs to be made if we are going to reach the targets set out in Ontario’s Biodiversity Strategy.  Council’s focus areas include:  enhancing resilience, reporting on the state of biodiversity, engaging people, and strengthening council.  Download the full Strategic Agenda to learn more about Council’s objectives to 2020 and how we can work together to protect what sustains us.

Read the Strategic Agenda here:  OBC_Strategic Agenda_Feb_2017