Engage People

Individually and collectively, our decisions and actions are crucial to the conservation of biodiversity in Ontario. We are not doing enough to halt the decline of Ontario’s biodiversity. To succeed in this Strategy, our attitudes and behaviours must change so that we value biodiversity appropriately and include it in our everyday decision making.

Therefore, this strategic direction includes ways to improve biodiversity education, encourage active participation in biodiversity conservation through volunteerism and stewardship activities and integrate biodiversity values into all sectors through effective policies, programs and legislation.

OBJECTIVE: Inspire and empower people to value and protect biodiversity


  • All people learn about biodiversity through integrated and experiential education approaches.
  • People value biodiversity and understand its importance to human health and well-being
  • The capacity of the public, landowners and voluntary and private sectors to contribute to biodiversity conservation through stewardship is enhanced.
  • People, individually and collaboratively, are investing and actively participating in biodiversity conservation and stewardship.

OBJECTIVE: Mainstream biodiversity across all sectors


  • Ontario has a strong foundation of policy and legislation to conserve biodiversity.
  • Responsibility for the conservation of biodiversity is fully recognized and accepted by all.

Key Actions: