Enhance Resilience

Complementing our efforts to reduce threats to biodiversity, enhancing the resilience of our ecosystems (i.e., increasing their capacity to cope with change) is another important part of the Strategy. A resilient ecosystem is able to withstand and recover from stresses such as climate change, invasive species and pollution.

To effectively enhance the resilience of our ecosystems and support the directions outlined in this Strategy, we need to invest strategically to yield the greatest benefits to biodiversity, since resources for biodiversity conservation are finite. The costs and benefits of biodiversity conservation should be distributed equitably across relevant sectors.

Strategic investments, partnerships and stewardship are also an increasingly important way of identifying, prioritizing and achieving biodiversity conservation goals. Cooperation between the Ontario government, non-government organizations and the private sector, for example, has resulted in an increased consideration of biodiversity values in land management (e.g., sustainable forest management).

OBJECTIVE: Maintain, restore and recover ecosystem function


  • The connectivity of fragmented landscapes in Ontario is increased, and currently intact landscapes are maintained.
  • Adaptation plans to cope with the effects of climate change are developed and implemented.
  • Ecosystem services are maintained and have been restored or enhanced in previously degraded habitats.

OBJECTIVE: Protect Ontario’s genetic, species and ecosystem diversity


  • The protected-areas system is representative of Ontario’s terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.
  • Fewer species and ecosystems are of conservation concern in Ontario, and their status is improved.
  • A proactive approach to maintain common species and common ecosystems is adopted.

OBJECTIVE: Invest resources and funds strategically


  • Critical priorities, partnerships and actions to conserve biodiversity are identified and acted upon.
  • Cities and towns invest in the management and restoration of urban biodiversity.
  • There is sustainable long-term investment for biodiversity conservation in Ontario.

Key Actions: