Reduce Threats

The management and reduction of threats to biodiversity are essential to conserving Ontario’s biodiversity. We can improve the condition of species and ecosystems and help prevent further biodiversity loss by reducing the extent of significant threats to biodiversity and the impacts of existing threats.

Reducing threats will also help to enhance the resilience of our ecosystems and protect the services they provide, which are so vital to our health and well-being. Critical components of this strategic direction include reduction of both direct and indirect pressures on Ontario’s biodiversity, as well as the sustainable use of our natural assets.

OBJECTIVE: Reduce pressures on biodiversity


  • The loss and degradation of natural habitats in Ontario are decreased.
  • The growth of Ontario’s Ecological Footprint is halted and reversed.
  • Plans for climate change mitigation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are developed and implemented.

OBJECTIVE: Promote sustainable use of biological assets


  • The use of Ontario’s biological assets is sustainable.

Key Actions:

Key Actions

14. Develop and implement plans to reduce urban sprawl and encourage growth in areas capable of sustaining it. Provincial and municipal governments Business Sector
15. Place priority on efficient transportation of people and goods, and encourage growth and redevelopment along selected corridors and centres that are well served by transit.  All sectors, including individuals Business sector