Canoe trip, photo credit Ontario Tourism

All Ontarians need to be involved to stop the loss of biodiversity. Here are some things you can do to help:

Help monitor Ontario’s biodiversity. Citizen science is a great way to get involved in monitoring species and their habitats in your community. Whether you are young or old, there are lots of opportunities to get involved! For more information on different projects, visit:

Reduce your ecological footprint. At school, at work, and at home, we all do things every day that put pressure on biodiversity. The amount of resources that you use in your everyday life is your ecological footprint. There are lots of ways to reduce the size of your ecological footprint:

  • Drive less! Try walking, riding your bike or using public transit.
  • Reduce your energy use – turn your lights off, turn your thermostat down and use ceiling fans instead of air conditioners! For more tips on how to conserve energy, visit:
  • Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Avoid buying disposable products, reuse products, containers, and bags whenever you can, and recycle those that you can’t reuse. For more information on the 3Rs, please visit:
  • Get involved in biodiversity conservation. Plant native flowers and trees in your garden, avoid using pesticides. To learn what you should plant in your garden or on your property visit:

There are lots of ways to volunteer and get involved in conservation in your community or in our province.  Why not connect with one of the organizations who are part of the Ontario Biodiversity Council.  Click on the Ontario Biodiversity Council tab under About to see the links.

Biodiversity sustains us and enriches our lives – and we need to protect it.