Elderberry Borer, photo credit: CD Jones

How many planets would we need if everyone lived like you?

Biodiversity sustains us and all living species. OntarioCalculator1-300x150Ontario has an amazing abundance of natural wealth, but our consumption patterns are putting increasing pressure on our planet and biodiversity. Human activities affect biodiversity directly through habitat loss, introduction of invasive species, pollution, unsustainable use and climate change. The Ecological Footprint assesses human demand on natural resources and identifies whether our consumption levels are exceeding the Earth’s ecological limits.  The Ecological Footprint is just 1 of 45 indicators that help measure the health of Ontario’s biodiversity and was first analyzed in 2010 as a baseline for the State of Ontario’s Biodiversity 2010 report. In the most recent report, the State of Ontario’s Biodiversity 2015, Ontario’s Ecological Footprint was measured again and showed a 20% decrease per capita.  This change is inspiring and all Ontarians can continue to do their part to reduce our collective consumption patterns.

logo_GFN_primary-300x132The Ontario Biodiversity Council has partnered with Global Footprint Network to develop a personal online footprint calculator for Ontario residents to see how their own living habits relate to their use of the planet’s resources. It can be used by children, individuals, environmental groups, government and corporations to raise awareness about ecological limits and help change behavior. Try the calculator to see how many Earths we would need if everyone lived like you, discover your biggest areas of resource consumption, and learn what you can do to tread more lightly on our planet.

Go to the Global Footprint Network Calculator and choose Ontario on the map.