There are several challenges to conserving Ontario’s biodiversity. These challenges contribute to the loss of biodiversity in our province. By confronting these challenges head on, we’ll be better able to protect what sustains us.

Consumption Patterns: We place high demands on the planet’s natural resources. Our large and growing human population, along with our high Ecological Footprint have a negative impact on biodiversity.

Valuing Biodiversity: Traditionally, we have been more concerned with economic growth without considering the ecological costs.  We need to consider nature in the balance sheets of our companies, communities and countries.  Research has shown that pollination, water storage and purification and other ecosystem services are worth many billions of dollars in Ontario.

Investment of Resources and Funding: Efforts to protect and restore Ontario’s biodiversity have increased over the past decade but government and non-government sectors must allocate greater resources to protect, maintain, restore and understand biodiversity.

Understanding:  Most people agree that protecting the environment is important but yet our actions can still impact it in a negative way.  We need to understand the links between our everyday activities and decisions and their impact on our natural world.  To successfully conserve biodiversity, we have to better understand it, and the motivation of individuals and organizations. And we have to better share information with partners here in Ontario and around the world.

Collaboration:  Many agencies, organizations, institutions and levels of government are involved in biodiversity conservation.  No one group can do it alone and to successfully protect what sustains us we must work together and cooperate to find new opportunities to collaborate.